As part of our responsibility to ensure the integrity of the Ara Tapu’s international financial markets, we require all licensees:

  • to ensure that his business is operated in full compliance with all statutory rules and regulations in force in Ara Tapu and any rules and regulations;
  • to develop and implement policies and procedures to identify and avoid money laundering transactions and to ensure compliance with the requirements of any relevant Ara Tapu legislation; and such policies shall include an appropriate training programme for their staff;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of their policies and control procedures in complying with these Regulations and any relevant guidelines, and such evaluation shall be an integral component of any internal audit.


Ara Tapu Economic Substance Requirements

Economic Substance Flow Chart Download This flowchart is issued by the RFin and is intended to provide a high-level illustration of the logical sequence and reference point in dealing with the requirements of the Economic…
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