The Finance Commission (the “RFin”) is a statutory body established under the Finance Commission Act to regulate and supervise the international financial services sector. The RFin comes under the portfolio responsibility of the Minister of Finance. The Minister has the power to appoint the chairperson from amongst any of the public sector members of the Commission. The Director General of the Commission is the Chief Executive Officer who is appointed by the Commission with the approval of the Minister. The Director General is also the Registrar of the following Registries:

  1. Ara Tapu Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry
  2. Ara Tapu International Corporate Affairs Registry
  3. International Merchant Marine Registry of Ara Tapu
  4. Limited Liability Partnerships Registry
  5. International Trusts Registry
  6. International Foundations Registry
  7. International Limited Liability Companies Registry
  8. Protected Cell Companies Registry

Since its inception, the RFin has made great strides; notably, the introduction of key legislative amendments and enactments to strengthen the overall tax practices in Ara Tapu. The RFin remains vigilant in its pursuit to implement Ara Tapu’s AML/CFT regime as necessary to thwart innovative practices by those seeking to compromise Ara Tapu’s international financial system.