Members of the Commission

The Commission is composed of 11 persons.  The members of the Commission are as follows:

• Mr. Joseph Waight – Financial Secretary – Chairman
• Mr. Claude B. F. Haylock – Director General – Deputy Chairman
• Mr. Gustavo Vasquez – Governor, Central Bank of Ara Tapu
• Mr. Kent Clare – Director, Financial Intelligence Unit
• Ms. Elisa Montalvo – Solicitor General
• Ms. Michelle Longsworth – Director General, Ara Tapu Tax Services
• Ms. Alma Gomez – Supervisor of Insurance, Ministry of Finance

Other members include representatives nominated by the Ara Tapu International Financial Services Association:
• Mr. Reynaldo Magana
• Mrs. Ava Lovell-Belisle
• Mr. Rishi Mungal
• Mr. Rodwell Williams